Friday, November 15, 2019

Up & Away - Donations & Participation Update

Hi Families,
Here is an update where we stand at the moment: $5300 raised by 58 families. That is 35% of our total goal by just 16% of our 364 families. WE ARE NOT DONE YET! Please donate today. Every little bit helps.


Thank you for your support!
Up & Away, HTHMA!
Amiee, Erica, and Jen
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Dear HTHMA families,

19 families participated in our transformational BUY ONE BOOK effort as of 4:00PM ysterday!
We now have 66 more books for our students and a new family participation rate of 14.3%.

Talk about taking HTHMA to new heights! Thank you for answering the call.

Now it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled Up & Away campaign ...

We haven’t talked much about our school beautification project which is also being funded with this year’s Up & Away campaign.

Check out these BEFORE pics. Warning: You can’t unsee how drab it looks right now.

Now imagine what the AFTER pics will look like once we have greenery and exterior furnishings along that stark breezeway! Our vision is to add oversized planters with drought-friendly flora and benches to this expansive space by our school’s main entrance.

It will provide a huge boost in school pride to update and enhance the facade of our 15 year old facility.

Jen, Erica & Amiee

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Up & Away - Book Count Update

As promised, we’re back to share a huge newsflash ...

Today 16 families have donated $405 to support our special “BUY ONE BOOK” effort.

That means 41 more books for our school libraries. Amazing!

Our family participation rate also grew from 9.1% to 13.5%.

We’ve still got a long way to go to get to 100%, but we’ve come a long way in just a few hours.

Please take a moment to ... 


Special thanks from Up & Away HQ!
Jen, Erica, and Amiee

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Up & Away - Can You BUY ONE BOOK By 3:30PM Today?

Greetings HTHMAers.

We’re trying something new at “Up & Away HQ”.

Until 3:30PM TODAY, the fundraiser website has been customized to collect “book” donations.

What the heck does that mean, you may ask?

Let’s see how many $10 donations we can get before our kids are dismissed from school today! 

Each $10 donation represents the average cost of buying ONE book for our school. 

Even though we always invite donations of any size, we have a bit of a participation challenge. Our campaign closes tomorrow at midnight, and we have 33 donations from our 364 families. That’s about 10% support.

No matter how much we raise, we want to get there TOGETHER with every single family’s help. That’s why the most important goal of Up & Away will always be achieving 100% participation.

If you’ve been wanting to donate, but haven’t because you think your $10 won’t make a difference … Now it’s your time to shine!

A single book has the power to transform a student’s life. And all it takes is $10 to make that happen. 

If you read the testimonials from our 7 Humanities teachers, you know this is the absolute truth.


Thank you!
Jen, Erica, and Amiee

Up & Away - Grade 12 Families We Need You

Greetings Grade 12 parents (and HTHMA super fans)!

Have you already met our amazing senior English teacher, Paola Capo-Garcia? Here’s a quick intro:

If your senior hasn’t had Paola yet this year, they don’t know what they’re missing. She’s so passionate and dedicated to our students and her subject.

How can we not dig deep to raise the funds to build out her senior English library? Exactly.

Let’s show her that we support her, too!


Amiee, Erica, and Jen