Thursday, November 14, 2019

Up & Away - Can You BUY ONE BOOK By 3:30PM?

Greetings HTHMAers.

We’re trying something new at “Up & Away HQ”.

Until 3:30PM TODAY, the fundraiser website has been customized to collect “book” donations.

What the heck does that mean, you may ask?

Let’s see how many $10 donations we can get before our kids are dismissed from school today! 

Each $10 donation represents the average cost of buying ONE book for our school. 

Even though we always invite donations of any size, we have a bit of a participation challenge. Our campaign closes tomorrow at midnight, and we have 33 donations from our 364 families. That’s about 10% support.

No matter how much we raise, we want to get there TOGETHER with every single family’s help. That’s why the most important goal of Up & Away will always be achieving 100% participation.

If you’ve been wanting to donate, but haven’t because you think your $10 won’t make a difference … Now it’s your time to shine!

A single book has the power to transform a student’s life. And all it takes is $10 to make that happen. 

If you read the testimonials from our 7 Humanities teachers, you know this is the absolute truth.

Thank you!
Jen, Erica & Amiee